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PE Design Technique

If you are new to PE Design Next or PE Design 10 this class is for you. This is a hands-on class in which you will be learning a new technique each month. This is perfect for beginners or more advanced. Each month you will have a new project to go home and digitize and stitch out. This will be the continuation of December's class.

Free Motion Comotion

Do you have quilts that need to be quilted but you aren't sure how to do it? Let Kimberly teach you how to do free motion using your machine and some handy tools. By the time you have finished this class you will no longer have a fear of free motion

Kimberbell Party: Mylar Card

This is a fun way to learn to use mylar in your embroidery. Join Kimberly in learning to use mylar embroidery as well as watercolor pencils to create a one of a kind greeting card.

May 12
Quilting with Westalee Rulers
May 12
Quilting with Westalee Rulers
May 13
Quilting with Westalee Rulers Hands On