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Pickle Pie Zip It Up

Join us to learn this adorable in the hoop zipper bag. This adorable bag has an extra pocket on the back and can be created with fabric, vinyl or mesh.

Kimberbell Party: Chenille Pot Holder

Join Kimberly to create these unique pot holders all in the hoop. All applique, quilting and chenille is created in the embroidery hoop. These adorable pot holders are sure to brighten up any Kitchen. Never embroidered before but want to give it a try? This class is perfect for beginners and we have loaner machines on request so come on in and join us.

PE Design Technique New

If you are new to PE Design Next or PE Design 10 this class is for you. This is a hands-on class in which you will be learning a new technique each month. This is perfect for beginners or more advanced. Each month you will have a new project to go home and digitize and stitch out. This is class #1 in the series for those who need to start at the beginning

Aug 28
Kimberbell Party: Crossbody Bag
Sep 9
Sep 9
Beginner Sewing: Scout Tee