Cadence Court Block of the Month

Cadence Court is a fresh take on a popular Block-of-the-Month style quilt! This quilt features 12 unique wedge designs, each repeated twice, that make up a modern circular design.

Beginner Sewing: Pants

In the pants class, you learn all the skills needed to make a great pair of lounge or pajama pants. Learn how to choose and prepare the correct size pattern, cut out your fabric and mark all the pieces. You then learn how to sew straight and curved seams, finish seam allowances, insert elastic, and make a clean hem. In the end, you?ll have a fabulous pair of pants!

Patterns 102

In Patterns 102, we break down all the information on the pattern envelope and take the mystery out of the terminology. We also dive into the guide sheets and find out what a treasure trove of information lives there. Learn how to take your measurements and select the correct pattern size.

Jan 14
Jan 17
Jan 18