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Miele Dynamic U1

Get a free 4 pack of bags for a limited time which are included in the box. 

Here is the new Miele Dynamic U1 PowerLine upright vacuum, perfect for deep-cleaning your entire home.  From its strong plastic casing to the patented SwivelNeck technology, you can see just from its look that this Miele Upright Vacuum is top of the line.  It also includes an LED headlight on the bottom to provide a clear pathway while cleaning under the bed or furniture.  Its 2 motor system produces enough suction to pick up any debris and separate controls for the electro brush floorhead means you can clean hardwood floors as well as carpeting.


This Miele vacuum cleaner has 4 suction control settings allowing you to clean everything from thick carpeting to delicate lace all with just one machine.  It also uses automatic height adjustment to swiftly change from floor to carpeting without needing to push a button.  With controls on the handle, you'll be cleaning faster than ever before.  No more bending over to change settings!


This vacuum comes with three attachments including the dusting brush, crevice tool, and upholstery brush.  All three of these tools allow you to clean any surface of your home from floor to ceiling.  Speaking of ceilings, it also includes a lightweight telescopic wand as well as an integrated 12-foot flexible hose that extends your reach to any mess.  The Miele Dynamic U1 PoweLine also comes with the HEPA Air-Clean Filter, which filters of 99.97% of microns that trigger asthma and allergy sufferers.  Pair that with the Type U bags and you'll have the best vacuum cleaner imaginable for tackling asthma and allergies!