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Babylock Design Suite Holiday Fill & Motif Vol 1

This new Baby Lock Design Suite collection provides Baby Lock Solaris owners and Palette 11 owners with many more custom Decorative Fills and Motifs.

This Design Suite collection includes;

  • 20 unique Decorative Fills
  • 20 companion Motifs that can be used to embellish and add extra personality to embroidery creations.

NOTE: These are not embroidery files.  The files in this collection are a format that will only work on Solaris Vision, or a Solaris 1 or Solaris 2 that has been upgraded to version 3, and Palette 11.

Product includes 1 USB stick (thumb drive) with; All Fill & Motif Designs, Instructional sheet on how to use, Graphic Sheet with all design thumbnails, Digital QR code that links to an instructional video.